Lord Nicolaus Dinter

It is your turn.
Lord Nicolaus Dinter

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    Only who search can find, so look for more....

    Clarification is a sientific work, I try to make it understandable as possibile.
    academic work means not to make thinks complicated. It means to make it understanable
    for each - one.

    A Major Heading of my work


    A self - help - group is hard work with a lot of people. It is not to teach destructive habits, it is to force Life. It is a hard way to come back.

    Another art - design

    My designed art is special, sometimes differantly. It the world seen through my lense. Take a look and find the story, I tell.

    House managment

    I keep a immobile not only clean, I look to take care about it. I look for function, services to the people as to immobiles.

    to carry out research

    My search and reearch is in art, design, psychology, economic. I spend a lot of time for it, to find a practiable way and give the best as possible.

    WHY ?

    How much a Life has a value? The work is NOT supported by government. But every day comes hurder and expensiver. Every Dollar is helpful. Without private support my work could fallen.

    Borderline Donate

    It is your turn.

    Another Major Heading

    My education:

    include the human rights of Paris and the Nuremberg Codex

    Graphik – Design, Hamburg
    Bank – economic, DGHYP.
    4 semester Psychology BSc.,Hagen.
    Diploma in Traumatherapie, Robert Photon Arizona Trauma Institute.
    Diploma in CBT, Diploma in mindfulness, Kai Ramsay, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.

    Leader for Traumatised and Borderline People (Self – Help – Groupe), since 2012.
    Artis inexperience for more than 25 years.
    Bank economic for more than 25 years.

    All in part-time.

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